A Closer Look: Butter Muslin


“Works great for my wonderfully delicious ricotta cheese. Easy to clean! I think it will last a long time! It’s a keeper!” -PrettyMomma

Today we are going to take a closer look at Butter Muslin.

Product Highlights

Butter Muslin Box

Butter Muslin is a fine-weave cloth used to drain soft cheeses such as Cream Cheese, Fromage Blanc, Yogurt Cheese, and more.

Box contains 1 square yard (91cm x 91cm) of unbleached 100% cotton, 90 thread per inch, reusable Butter Muslin.

Instructions for Use:

Sterilize in boiling water prior to use. To clean butter muslin for reuse, rinse in cold water after use and wash in the washing machine with mild detergent. We recommend an extra rinse cycle to remove all soap residue.

Country of Origin:


Product Reviews

I love the size of the muslin and it works great with my Creole Cream Cheese draining. Thanks for offering this on your website. Can’t wait to use this on so many more things. -Cheryl

I used this product to make lemon cheese and it worked perfectly. Also it washed up easily. -M

Product Q&A

Q. I’ve bought many boxes of butter muslin from you in the past. However, I no longer see the picture of the green box on your website. Is this still the same butter muslin you’ve been selling for several years? And does it still come in that nice green box?

A. The product is the same butter muslin that we’ve carried for several years, still in our green box. However, we have decreased the quantity from 2 yards to 1 yard. The price was also adjusted for the smaller quantity.

Q. What is the thread count on your butter muslin?

A. 90 threads per inch



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