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“Of all the mesophilic (can make at room temp) yogurts, this is by far my favorite . Very versatile , great in smoothies, to cook with, as a salad dressing base and makes great yogurt cheese. The subtle cheese-like flavor really gives the flavor more character without being overwhelming or undesirable . So easy to make and maintain too!” -Jason

Today we are going to take a closer look at the Cultures for Health Filmjolk Yogurt Starter.

Product Highlights


Our Filmjölk yogurt starter is an heirloom yogurt with a flavor reminiscent of cheese and a custard-like texture. Popular with kids! Enjoy as yogurt or use as a mild buttermilk substitute.

  • Each box contains 2 packets of yogurt starter.
  • Activate 1 packet using 1-2 cups pasteurized milk; store 2nd packet in the freezer as a back-up.
  • Reusable heirloom starter recultures from batch to batch indefinitely.
  • Instructions for using this culture may be found here.
  • Cultures on the countertop at room temperature (70º-77ºF).
  • This culture is also suitable for use with raw dairy milk or non-dairy milk, with special care.

Ingredients: Organic milk, Live active bacteria (Lactococcus lactis and Leuconostoc mesenteroides).

This product contains no GMO ingredients.

Shipping Information and Shelf-life: Our Filmjölk starter culture is shipped in a barrier-sealed packet as a freeze-dried yogurt culture. The starter keeps

  • At room temperature (68° to 77°F): 3 to 4 months
  • In the refrigerator (40° to 45°F): 9 months unopened
  • In the freezer (0° to 25°F): 12 months unopened

Due to recent changes in manufacturing processes, the weight of the item that appears in the photo may differ from the actual weight of the item received.

Allergen Information:

Contains dairy. Packaged in a facility that also manufactures products made with wheat, soy, eggs, nuts, and fish.


“I think I like this more than the matsoni yogurt because it is milder and less tart. Excellent yogurt and so easy to make.” -W.L.

Product Q&A

Q. Are we able to freeze our mesophillic yogurts? I have too much raw milk on hand and need to use it up soon. I was hoping to be able to make large batches of my Filmjolk to freeze for later use. Perhaps make some yummy fruit flavored frozen yogurt?

A. Yogurt can make great frozen desserts, or you can freeze it in small quantities (like ice cube trays) to use in smoothies. Some people do freeze yogurt to store for later use in culturing, but we recommend frozen yogurt be used within a couple of weeks for reculturing purposes. If you are using raw milk with a mesophilic culture, see here to maintain a pasteurized mother culture to keep your Filmjolk going: http://www.culturesforhealth.com/make-mesophilic-raw-milk-yogurt/

Q. I read the directions for making this, but it did not say if the temperature of the milk at the beginning is important. Obviously, when I get storebought milk it is cold and it’s stored in the fridge. Do I stir the starter directly into the cold milk and just let it naturally warm to room temperature as it sits, or do I warm it to room termperature before starting?

A. Although room temp might make it easier to fully incorporate the culture into the milk, cold milk works just fine.

Learn more about the Filmjölk yogurt starter here.



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