A Cultured Day In My Kitchen


From the Editor: Please welcome Sarah, CFH Customer Support Rep and Cultured Kitchen-Keeper.

We sometimes get asked how we fit all that cultured food into our life. I recently had a very cultured day and decided to share. This is not how everyday goes of course. Most of the cultured food gets made here and there and stored up in the fridge for later.

Here’s how my day went…


Get up and stir some eggs and butter into the sourdough pancake batter that was started last night. Heat the griddle and start cooking.

Go poke at all the overnight cultures. Tip jars around the house of buttermilk, Piima and coconut kefir started from finished water kefir. Check on cheese drying on the rack and wipe down if needed. Flip pancakes in between.

Dump the last of the old buttermilk and Piima in the blender with some greens and berries for smoothies.

Serve up breakfast.

Portion out pickled carrots, applesauce and yogurt for kid lunches. Slice some bread and put lunch meat and cream cheese to spread on the bread in another container. Zip it all up and send kids off to school.

Nibble on what’s left and grab some coffee. Time to power up the computer and get to work!



Heat some bone broth and throw in last night’s leftover veggies and meat along with a dollop of kraut. Enjoy such a warming lunch!

Strain the off the finished water kefir and bottle. Make up fresh sugar water, re-cover and return to the culturing spot. Pull an assortment of veggies out of the crisper. Toss with some salt and whey. I keep a jar in the fridge for quick ferments. Fill with water, put weights on top and set to ferment.

Grab any finished dairy cultures and refrigerate. Wash cheese again.

Finish up work (adding to the list of more things to try after talking to all those creative customers!) and start dinner.



Shake up some Piima, chopped garlic and herbs for a salad dressing and serve with a pot of rice and cooked chicken tossed with kombucha, honey and soy sauce.

Snuggle up with the kids and work on homework and reading practice. Send them to bed and check on the emails one more time.

Feed sourdough starter and pour off enough needed for waffles tomorrow. Get that started and go to bed!



I live in Oregon with my 4 kids. I hop between my kitchen and sewing room. As the daughter of a ranch-girl turned County Extension Agent, I really believe that with enough ingenuity and know-how, anything can be made. I try to keep some cultured vegetables and condiments on hand, as well as a robust supply of yogurt. What really excites me though is finding old ways of culturing foods from around the world and making it work in my life. “I wonder” is a phrase I utter a lot, and can make my kids nervous! I love to learn and share what I’ve discovered.

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  1. BUSY MOM IN AL says

    Hi! Did you know that you can write directly on a glass mason jar with a permanent marker? It will come off easily.

    I get my cultures ready in a glass jar and set them out to culture. Once they are done, I write the name and date on the outside of the jar, and then store them in the refrigerator. It helps me remember when they need to be cultured again! So easy!

  2. says

    Wow! That is amazing! I would love to get to the point that I am having days like that, but I am nowhere close to it. I have a quick question… how do you have enough room for all of your cultures? I’ve heard they need to kept apart, to keep them from mixing, but how far apart? I look at the counter space that I have and wonder how I could even have that many cultures going at once. Thanks!


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