A Peek Into My Cultured Prepared Foods Stash


Note from Shannon: Please welcome Janet, Cultures for Health Content Contributor and Cultured-Kitchen Keeper.

As the skies change from clear blues and sunshine into clouds with shades of gray, I often take the time to reflect upon the outdoor natural surroundings. I then retreat to the kitchen and peek into the pantry, cabinets, and even the dark corners of the refrigerator and see what I can find that I have preserved from summer harvesting.

Upon taking stock, I find that many of these items are cultured foods. Here is some of what I found…


  1. Yogurt waiting for me tomorrow morning to eat with granola and fresh fruit.
  2. Crème Fraiche ready and willing to top soups and casseroles.
  3. Lacto Fermented Tomato paste in the depths of my fridge drawer with a generous lob of olive oil protecting it.
  4. Jars of vegetables pickled at the peak of perfection with salt, herbs and a bit of whey in the refrigerator awaiting a tasty lunch snack.
  5. Red and green salsas roasted, fermented and jarred at their peak.
  6. Sauerkraut and Kimchi in small jars fermented with whey.
  7. Purple and red potatoes yearning to be turned into a dinner with cultured cream.
  8. Whey soups with an assortment of garden or farmers market veggies
  9. Kombucha brewing in a warm corner of the house.
  10. Dried herbs, garlic braids and onions-staples for any meal


The powers of fermenting have instilled in me a sense of security. And though these preservation takes a bit of time, most of them were quite easy to prepare and store. I did it little by little, not making it one big project. I revel in the knowledge that I can (and do) grow and preserve foods that feed my family nutritionally.

That security teamed with the assistance of Cultures for Health and their team of knowledgeable customer service representatives, I am slowly adding to my “stash” of cultured prepared foods.  I feel a pride in serving homemade products to my friends and family.

What is in your cultured food pantry and refrigerator and what will you cook tonight using the ingredients you discover?

Janet Creasy

Janet Creasy

Janet is primarily a proud mama of two tween girls and is married to a stellar man wired for engineering. She spends a great deal of time in the kitchen and garden. She enjoys the full life cycle of real food as primal fuel for our body; which she feels is critical to how we approach the world around us. She finds immense joy in seeing how many food culture ‘science’ projects she can keep going at one time! Her favorites are kombucha, yogurt and tempeh and she is delving currently into rice flour sourdough and water kefir.

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  1. Christina says

    Hi Janet :) What are “Whey Soups”? I am swimming in whey from making Greek Yogurt and your post intrigued me. Thanks!

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