A Substitute for Kefir? I Think So!


I have to confess something. I really don’t like kefir. I’ve always wanted to like it, but I’ve never been quite able to get used to the taste or texture. I can understand why so many people like it so much, but I can’t quite bring myself to share that enjoyment. So naturally, since I work with people every day to help solve kefir problems, I got a little frustrated by not being able to enjoy a cultured milk drink of my own.

But the other day, I had an idea. I make my own viili yogurt, and I love it. If I had the time to make enough of it, I would probably eat at least a quart a day. The taste is exactly what I like, and it picks up other flavors really well. So, I thought, what if I blended it?

Blenders are supposed to break down anything you put in them, so I figured that blending my yogurt should make it into a drinkable liquid. So I grabbed the blender, poured some yogurt into it, and blended it for about fifteen seconds. When I poured it into a cup–voila! I had a light, creamy, tart beverage that tasted exactly like what I’ve always wanted kefir to taste like!

I plan on making this a lot more often, now that I know how!

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