Welcome to the Cultures for Health blog, a community of home cooks who are passionate about sharing the diverse and wonderful flavors and benefits of cultured foods. We believe in real, traditional food that can both nourish a body and bring the whole family to the table.

About the Founding & Purpose of Cultures for Health

Shortly after becoming first-time parents to our son, we were introduced to idea of eating Real Food with an emphasis on traditionally prepared foods during a workshop on sustainable living. That introduction launched us on a journey that would become Cultures for Health.

We spent the month following the workshop cleaning out our pantry and sourcing local food and starter cultures for making yogurt, kefir, sourdough, kombucha, and more. Within a short period we had completely shifted how we ate and for the first time we could truly feel good about the food we were eating and what we were feeding our little boy. A year later with a new baby on the way we were faced with the prospect of returning to a system where we would both have to work outside of our home. In an effort to avoid that, we started a small website offering about ten products. Two years later, Eric left his full-time management job and came to work at CFH full time.

Throughout this process we have focused on our goal: To create a website where people making a food change in their own lives could find all the products and information they need to be successful.

We are pleased to offer products we truly believe in and are blessed to work with wonderful customers, bloggers, and other food and natural living groups to make these products easily accessible to everyone. We strive to source and produce products locally when possible while providing excellent product selection, top-notch articles and how-to videos, and the best customer service. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions for how we can make Cultures for Health more useful to you in your Real Food journey.

Meet Shannon

Hey there. I’m the editor and primary writer here at the CFH blog.

I spend much of my day thinking about food.

I’m the cook for our little family, which means I’m also responsible for their health and the role that food plays in it.

I’m a homesteader, inhabiting two acres with my husband, two boys – 6 & 4 – and our little girl who is now toddling her way around our off-grid cabin. There is a daily walk from the cabin, to the chicken coop, and back through the gardens that I do. And every day I purposely, or accidentally, get dirt under my fingernails planting, watering, nurturing, and harvesting whatever it is that I can find.

We’re working towards a simple life of working the land, so I’m also in charge of preserving food with as little energy input as possible. Which is why you’ll often find lacto-fermented vegetables and condiments of all types on our counter.

I love that milk kefir preserves our milk, sauerkraut keeps our cabbage, sourdough keeps me from buying yeast, and kombucha and water kefir are just down right tasty.

Oh, and I really love that my family always feels better when we’re eating these foods regularly.

When I’m not thinking about food, I enjoy writing.

I’ve written two seasonal grain-free cookbooks, both of which involve cultured foods. The Cultures for Health main site houses pretty much all of my personal knowledge of cultured foods in their catalog of articles. You can follow our family’s adventures in real food and sustainability at Nourishing Days.

I’ve been a writer with CFH for over a year now, but I have been using their cultures nearly since their founding. I’m grateful to be counted as part of the CFH team, sharing and exploring fermented foods – a topic I am deeply enthusiastic about.

About our Contributors

If you’ve ever had a question for a Cultures for Health staffer and gotten a timely and thoughtful response, then you’ve dealt with the team of Customer Support Representatives who write a weekly column here on the blog.

They are avid cooks, gardeners, mamas, homeschoolers, and work with cultured foods every day. Matsoni yogurt, kombucha, sourdough, milk kefir, and many more line their counter tops on a daily basis. They are happy to walk you through your journey with cultured foods here at the blog, and through the dedicated support they provide you customers at Cultures for Health.

You can learn more about them, their history with cultured food, and their passion for helping you in their full bio.