Bottomless Kombucha

Our website here at CFH is so extensive, even after spending hours and days and weeks… reading and reading, I still find new things. Fortunately, we were tagged in a Facebook post and the email showed up in our inbox.

I am constantly running out of kombucha, my absolute, hands-down, favorite cultured beverage. I make a gallon at a time, but I drink it too fast for my three week culturing period to maintain a constant supply. Yes, I culture my kombucha for three weeks. I want to be sure to remove as much sugar as possible from the beverage. For me, limiting sugar is important.

As I sit here kombucha-less and waiting another week for my kombucha to finish, the email with a link to our page about β€œSetting Up a Kombucha Continuous Brewing System” shows up in our inbox. I could hear the β€œta-da!” music playing in my head. This was cause for celebration!

I will never run out of kombucha again!!



Bonni started on the cultured foods path quite few years ago, beginning with sauerkraut. Since then, she has cultured yogurt, milk kefir, water kefir, kombucha, a variety of veggies, sour cream and gluten-free sourdough. She is a busy homeschool mom to her daughter, so is always looking for the most efficient and least time consuming ways to manage all of her culturing.

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  1. says

    I have recently started brewing and made my first batch trying to imitate the Mango flavor that I have purchased at the store. It has been good enough to drink but I pureed the Mango and it has turned darker and darker in the Kombucha. Puts me off a little. Also each bottle has had its own flavor with the first one I drank being too sweet even though I tasted it and it was just tart. I know it is my first batch and there is trial and error. Let me learn from your mistakes LOL. Also, I got a really good fizz on day three but it seems to leave the Kombucha pretty fast. Any suggestions? Yes, I did refrigerate it after I opened it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have that will help me get over the trial and error phase quicker.

    • Shaina says

      Are you doing a second ferment after the first ferment? That can help with the fizz. Make sure you don’t add the fruit until the second ferment, as it can cause issues with the scoby. Fermenting it longer will make it less sweet. If you use a corked bottle that’s locked shut, it can help keep the carbonation from dissipating.

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