Experiments In Sourdough: Brown Rice Starter and “Boosted” Brown Rice Starter


Note from Shannon: I am pleased to bring the voices of our lovely contributors to this space every Tuesday. Please welcome Anita, Cultures for Health Customer Representative and Cultured Kitchen-Keeper.

One of the things I love about my job is that our customers ask the most interesting questions.  I have learned that the answer is frequently “yes, you can”.

Someone recently asked if you could use the brown rice sourdough starter with white rice flour.  Having never experimented with the brown rice starter before, I thought it would be great to give it a test.  I tested the Cultures For Health Brown Rice Sourdough starter and the “Boosted” brown rice starter (using finished water kefir) with white rice flour.

The “Boosted” starter was active within the first 24 hours but had more of an alcohol aroma.  The Cultures for Health Starter was a little sluggish getting started but on the 4th day, I was pleasantly surprised by a full jar (and then some) of active, bubbly starter with a beautiful tangy smell, much like our traditional sourdough starters.

Both starters went into the fridge for a little more testing.  The starters refrigerated well and responded very well to feeding, becoming very active and bubbly within a few hours.  After 10 days, the starters are doing very well, both very active with the added surprise that the aroma of the “boosted” starter has tamed considerably and is now similar to the Cultures for Health Brown Rice Starter. 

If you read my previous blog entry, you know that I prefer my sourdough a little less sour the less strong aroma was a pleasant surprise.  This starter probably won’t replace my favorite Camaldoli Sourdough Starter but it is nice to have gluten free options.


On the menu for lunch today is Gluten Free Pizza.

If you are trying to cut a little gluten out of your diet, I would encourage you to try Brown Rice Sourdough Starter or the Boosted Brown Rice starter (you’ll find water kefir grains here). The sourdough lover in your life will certainly appreciate it.



Anita became interested in healthy food and its benefits when her daughter developed food sensitivities. This started her family down a path toward cultured foods and backyard homesteading with gardens, chickens, and the soon-to-be addition of goats.

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