Fromage Blanc Enchiladas

Ending up with a lot of some random cultured food is an occupational hazard with this job. Case in point. On Saturday I needed to test a new starter culture we are going to be carrying so I made Fromage Blanc. Normally I make Fromage Blanc or a similar soft cheese before a big party (goes great with crackers and sundried tomatoes) but in this case, I didn’t really need the resulting cheese, just to test the culture.

After I got over the shock of remembering how much soft cheese a gallon of milk makes, I was left trying to figure out what the to do with all of it. I tried to pawn it off on the babysitter (no luck), thought about freezing it (still might), and finally had an idea. What if I used it to make the enchiladas tonight? With a baby on the way this summer I’ve been trying to be better about cooking more casserole type dishes and getting in the habit of making two of everything with one pan going in the freezer. I figure if I practice, maybe I’ll get better at the cooking ahead thing and have a freezer full of meals in time for the baby. Tonight’s agenda called for two big pans of beef enchiladas.

Here’s what I did: I spread each organic sprouted corn tortilla with a layer of Fromage Blanc, topped with refried beans, and seasoned grassfed ground beef. I rolled up the tortillas and topped with a generous amount of gluten-free enchilada sauce (which I’d randomly thrown together). Finished it off with cheddar cheese and ta da! Beautiful creamy cheesy enchiladas! I’m not sure whether to be proud or concerned I may have to plan a batch of Fromage Blanc prior to making enchiladas in the future. Something to worry about another day.

Want to try this? Click here for our step-by-step instructions for making Fromage Blanc (it’s really easy—perfect for a beginner!).

Julie Feickert

Julie Feickert

Julie Feickert started Cultures for Health in late 2008. She is the mother to three young children and enjoys cooking and reading. Her favorite cultured foods include water kefir and kombucha. Julie lives with her family in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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    • Julie FeickertJulie says

      Unfortunately I didn’t really use a recipe (next time I will though so I can post it). I basically just made a roux with ghee and brown rice flour. Added spices to taste (I think it was around a 3:1 ratio of chili powder and cumin plus some oregano and garlic). Then I added chicken stock. Sorry, it’s not more specific!

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