Gluten-Free Sourdough Brownies: A Photo Tutorial


Note from Shannon: Please welcome Jerri, Cultures for Health Customer Support Rep and Cultured-Kitchen Keeper.

I finally did it. Not only did I venture down the brown rice sourdough path, but I decided to make brownies too! Wouldn’t my kids love that? Absolutely!

It took a bit of time to get the hang of feeding my new pet, especially since a brown rice starter must be fed more often than a traditional gluten starter.

BR protected upstarirs

I had to make sure it was nice and toasty in warmth, so up into my son’s bedroom it went, the warmest room in the house. I am sure I can attribute its success to the mass army of Transformers and other mechanical creatures that surrounded the jar of starter.


starter is ready!

After feeding it the three times necessary to wake it up from its slumber in the fridge, I was ready to attack a recipe. Good thing I knew a great recipe source.

double boiler chocolate

ghee and palm shortening

My biggest challenge was attempting to create a double boiler system so I could boil the chocolate. As you can see, it was actually easy to do…a small pot inside of another slightly larger pot. The chocolate melted just fine, but I couldn’t get it to boil as the recipe indicated, so I didn’t fret about it. I assembled the ingredients, poured it into the coconut oil greased pan, and ever so lovingly placed it into the oven. The batter tasted divine, so fingers were crossed!

starting to mix the ingredients

The results? Well, it looked fabulous. So fabulous we dug in immediately. We cut the pieces and put them on our plates…only to have them crumble. But, we’re no strangers to gluten-free-baked-good-crumbles. We didn’t cry. We didn’t bemoan or whimper. We simply grabbed some spoons!


The flavor was amazing. How can you go wrong with chocolate? And how can you go wrong with sourdough? Great recipe…I encourage you to try it, as you won’t be sorry (and it’s ok if you use a sourdough with gluten).



Jerri is a wife and mama. Her culturing adventures began several years ago with other moms who were seeking a healthy way of feeding our families. Together they dabbled in milk kefir, yogurt, sourdough, kombucha and sauerkraut. In the past year she's expanded from sauerkraut to other vegetables, and has grown a passion for water kefir!

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