Kombucha Ice Cream Floats!


I’ve avoided sugar for the past six years or so, so I’ve had to forgo a lot of tasty sweets that many people enjoy as their special treats. Ice cream sundaes are one thing that I’ve especially missed. I love them, but I haven’t been able to have one for years.

I make my own kombucha, and one of the flavors I like to add for the second ferment is pomegranate. (By the way, this makes a gorgeous pink kombucha!) I had some cold pomegranate kombucha and vanilla coconut ice cream, so I decided to see what would happen if I poured some kombucha over a couple of scoops of coconut ice cream. I did so, and it started fizzing and bubbling just like a real ice cream float! When I tasted it, it was sweet, foamy, creamy, and delicious. I was so excited! It’s now my favorite treat, and I’ll definitely be sharing it with my friends.

I think that next I’ll try making kombucha flavored to taste like root beer, so I can have the best thing ever: a root beer float!


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