Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi

Several months ago while reading our article for yogurts around the world, I noticed we didn’t have a recipe for the dessert called mishti doi. Mishti what?

From the Editor: Please welcome Jerri, CFH Customer Support Representative and Cultured Kitchen Keeper.

Mishti doi or mishti dahi is an East Indian dessert made by fermenting prepared milk and sugar into thick yogurt. Traditionally it is fermented in earthen pots, allowing moisture to evaporate naturally, creating a thick, custard-like product, much sweeter than Western yogurts.

Misht Doi Ingredients

Sounded worth duplicating! So in scouring recipes on the Internet, trying especially to find authentic sources, I found a few main ingredients similar in each: whole milk, sugar, and yogurt. I combined recipes, trying variations of ingredients (coconut crystals are not easy to work with when melting!) to see if I could come up with something similar.


I didn’t trust my environment to keep the yogurt incubated in the clay pot as well as the traditional methods did (I was a big chicken and I should have just tried it without an external heat source!), I opted to use my crockpot that doubles as a yogurt maker. I was feeling somewhat authentic since my pot was still made of clay. It took a few attempts to get something edible, but my final product turned out pretty good. It was extremely rich and sweet, definitely worthy of being categorized as a dessert!

View it here, and see what you think. Any further adaptions? Stick to an authentic recipe?





Jerri is a wife and mama. Her culturing adventures began several years ago with other moms who were seeking a healthy way of feeding our families. Together they dabbled in milk kefir, yogurt, sourdough, kombucha and sauerkraut. In the past year she's expanded from sauerkraut to other vegetables, and has grown a passion for water kefir!

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  1. StarBird says

    I am a vegetarian who does not et animals dairy, sugar or grains and their derivatives..

    Do you have any fermented foods for me besides veggies?


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