What’s New at CFH: Save 15% on Starter Cultures & Kits and More!


This week you can save 15% on Starter Cultures and Kits.  We are also featuring an article on how to make coconut yogurt!


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Keep Calm, It’s Only Kahm Yeast!


One of the most distressing parts of vegetable fermentation is when one goes bad. There are no mysteries in this case, though people often ask how they can know for sure that a ferment is okay to eat. In my experience, you will know. It will stink like you wouldn’t believe and often has various… 

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Cold Borscht with Kefir


There is a hot borscht soup originating from Europe that contains beets as well as hearty chunks of beef and beef bone broth. It is often served topped with sour cream and dill. This cold borscht, perhaps of Lithuanian origin, is less well known in North America, but has many of the same lovely colors… 

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Chocolate White Russian Kefir Pudding Shots


From the Editor: Please welcome Eve, CFH Customer Support Representative and Cultured Kitchen Keeper.

Ricotta Salata With Jerrilynn


A couple of weeks ago I was blessed, once again, to make cheese with one of CFH’s most fabulous CSRs, Jerrilynn. Jerri and I have been friends for a long time and really enjoy making cheese together. We got our hands on a CFH Italian cheese kit and decided to try one of my husband’s… 

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