Chill Pill

chill pill

When I try something new, I really, truly, seriously try. Case in point: yogurt.

I’d never made yogurt before, but I wasn’t nervous at all. I had my Greek yogurt starter, the most expensive local dairy milk I could find, and read the instructions until they were memorized. Failure was not an option.

I thought I knew it all…. 

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Fermented Vegetables: The Unsung Hero of Our Table


I have been waiting a few months to make some fermented vegetables. I know, it doesn’t sound all that exciting to be looking forward to sauerkraut and pickles of all kinds, but I’m seriously jazzed to have some homemade kraut on the table again. You see, it’s just been too hot to ferment veggies here…. 

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Kefir Ranch Dip

Ranch Dip Alternative

Herbs and spices combine with milk kefir to make a cultured alternative to ranch dip that your family will love.

Vegan Sourdough Everything Cookies

everything cookies

Ordinarily I don’t care for the flavor of raw sourdough items. However, the first time I made these cookies it was difficult to make sure there was enough dough for others to enjoy! My friends, Vegan and non-Vegan alike, really seemed to enjoy these cookies.

Hemp Oil SFIC Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap Base

homemade soap

If you enjoy olive oil soap, you’ll love this olive and hemp oil combination. Both hemp and olive oil are naturally moisturizing without leaving a greasy feeling on your skin. Try this melt and pour base for your homemade soap today!