EXCLUSIVE: Save 50% on Sourdough Starter… If You Read This


You might wonder what makes a 50% off Sourdough Starter sale so special.  Let us count the ways:

  1. You won’t ever hear about it unless you follow the Cultures for Health newsletter, blog, or Facebook page
  2. The percentage discount is almost unheard of for Cultures for Health weekly sales
  3. It only applies to you if you are paying attention
  4. It only lasts until December 27th, 2014
  5. The number 50 is half of 100, which is fun mathematically and friendly to your wallet
  6. It means you can get twice the sourdough starter for the same price… or the same sourdough starter for half the price
  7. If you’ve never gotten a sourdough starter this is the best opportunity we can think of to dip your toe in the water
  8. The sale is just in time for New Year’s resolutions… like, “I’m going to make sourdough and eat it… with lots of butter.”
  9. [Add your reason in the comment section]



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