BIG 20% Off Sale and Cultures for Health on the Move!

Save 20% Site Wide

More exciting news this week at Cultures for Health…  Cultures for Health was featured in an article here, which explains some of the things happening behind the scenes and the move in process to North Carolina!  Also, until July 7th, you can enjoy 20% off all of your favorite products!  See below for the coupon code…. 

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Refrigerator Proofing for Delaying Your Sourdough Fermentation

Bake in the morning!

Don’t think you have time to make sourdough? Don’t want it to over-proof before you can get home from work and bake it? I mean, who can wake up at 2 am to make sourdough cinnamon rolls for an 8 am breakfast? (cause it takes at least 6 hours for both rises…) I thought I… 

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Chèvre and Cream Cheese Cupcake Frosting


Try this protein-packed topping on your cupcakes!

Culturing in a Small Town


Living near a city means I have the ability to pop in to any number of natural food stores. Within 20 minutes of my house I have Trader Joes, Whole Foods, 2 very large Asian markets, 2 large natural grocery stores and a handful of smaller natural food stores. I also have two farmer’s markets… 

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A Closer Look: Butter Muslin


“Works great for my wonderfully delicious ricotta cheese. Easy to clean! I think it will last a long time! It’s a keeper!” -PrettyMomma