Chill Pill

chill pill

When I try something new, I really, truly, seriously try. Case in point: yogurt.

I’d never made yogurt before, but I wasn’t nervous at all. I had my Greek yogurt starter, the most expensive local dairy milk I could find, and read the instructions until they were memorized. Failure was not an option.

I thought I knew it all…. 

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Weekly Recap – September 12th Edition

blog gathering

It’s time for the weekly recap.  Leave your favorite links or ideas in the comments below!

Getting Started With Viili Yogurt: Making a Starter from Raw Milk


The very first cultured food I ever made was yogurt and I would guess a lot of us start there. It is familiar and comforting and versatile and delicious. Plus, it’s a fairly simple ferment to make. I had been making it by heating milk and waiting for it to cool before placing it in… 

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What’s New at CFH: Back to School Sale & Natural Oil Facial Cleanse

DIY Natural Oil Facial Cleanse

This week’s sale is 20% off everything. Use coupon code SCHOOL at checkout… extended until 9/14/15!  Also, check out our new Natural Oil Facial Cleanse article and recipes.

Sourdough Starter Pancakes

plate of pancakes

Some mornings it’s just hard to think about anything. Breakfast seems inconceivable when you open your fridge to see bare shelves. However, I do always have my sourdough starter. *whew*! Pancakes! But wait, I hadn’t fed my starter in a week… could pancakes still be made? On this particular morning, I decided to find out.