Fermenting the Garden (and tips for fermenting in the heat)


For many of us, this is the time of year to lock summer’s bounty away for those long winters.Whether you’re taking advantage of a sale at your local grocery store, picking up a haul from the farmer’s market, or bringing in an apron full of produce from the garden – these fresh, delicious vegetables won’t wait.

Such is the case for our garden. This time of year is actually not terribly conducive to fermentation here in Central Texas. With triple digit days expected for much of the next month or so, I usually ferment more for short-term food preservation than a six-month stay in cold storage.

Still, there are a few tricks up my sleeve for hot weather fermentation which I plan to implement with those veggies coming from our garden.


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What’s New at CFH: A DIY Quick Bug Repellent

essential oils repellent

Summer is in full swing and so are the insects.  This week’s new article will have you making a natural and safe bug repellent in no time!

Getting Started with Homemade Melt & Pour Soaps


Making soap is on my homesteader’s bucket list of the things I’d like to learn to do – and then do regularly – in order to provide for my family’s needs. While I’ve heard from many that making soap from scratch using lye and fat is simpler than it sounds, soap making is still one… 

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Our Four-Gallon Kombucha Brewing Setup


I remember when we first started brewing kombucha at home. A few quart jars became a few half-gallon jars became nearly a dozen half-gallon jars. It gets out of hand quickly and all of those smaller jars can take up a great deal of horizontal space. But we love our kombucha – so much so… 

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Lacto-fermented Anaheim Peppers

anaheim peppers

Anaheim peppers are a mild chile pepper popular for canning. Skip the water bath this year and do an easy fermentation instead!