Weekly Recap – August 1st Edition

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It’s time for the weekly recap.  Leave your favorite links or ideas in the comments below!


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Until Sunday: Save 20% on Cheesemaking Supplies and 10% on Everything Else

20% Sale!

Don’t miss this week’s sale: 20% off cheesemaking supplies and 10% off everything else!  Check out the coupon code and use it before 4/19/15 to save!

Refrigerator Proofing for Delaying Your Sourdough Fermentation

Bake in the morning!

Don’t think you have time to make sourdough? Don’t want it to over-proof before you can get home from work and bake it? I mean, who can wake up at 2 am to make sourdough cinnamon rolls for an 8 am breakfast? (cause it takes at least 6 hours for both rises…) I thought I… 

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Chèvre and Cream Cheese Cupcake Frosting


Try this protein-packed topping on your cupcakes!

Culturing in a Small Town


Living near a city means I have the ability to pop in to any number of natural food stores. Within 20 minutes of my house I have Trader Joes, Whole Foods, 2 very large Asian markets, 2 large natural grocery stores and a handful of smaller natural food stores. I also have two farmer’s markets… 

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