Easy No-knead Whole Wheat Peachy Almond Loaf


Peaches, almonds, and buttermilk combined into a tasty bread… what’s not to like?


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Spiced Lacto-Fermented Lemons


Citrus season is near, and so welcome during this cold part of the year. Bright flavors from lemons, grapefruits, and oranges are a welcome respite from the root vegetables and hearty stews. Lacto-fermentation is one means of making the most of the citrus harvest. Whether you’re harvesting from your own tree or stocking up while… 

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Planning the Garden With an Eye Towards Lacto-Fermentation (recipe: Winter Kale Chips)


From the Editor: Please welcome Anita, Cultures for Health Customer Support Rep and Cultured Kitchen Keeper. Winter is a wonderful time to sit in a warm, comfy chair and plan for a garden with wonderful vegetables to ferment!  A garden can also hold a few surprises as ours did this week.  We’ve had our share… 

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How to Make Inexpensive Coconut Milk for Dairy-Free Yogurt


From the Editor: Please welcome Sarah, Cultures for Health Customer Support Rep and Cultured Kitchen Keeper. Trying to feed four children a whole food diet can get a little expensive. A few of my children cannot do dairy and we love coconut milk. With the amount I was going through in a week, I was… 

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Weekly Cultured Gathering: December 28

blog gathering

Welcome to the Weekly Cultured Gathering! We’re here to share and celebrate our adventures in food fermentation. From recipes to tips & tricks to food preservation – cultured foods are as old as food itself. Maybe you eat cultured food because of the health benefits. Maybe you make it for the art and science involved…. 

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