How to Get More Kefir from Powdered Kefir Starter

It probably goes without saying that I am interested in sustainable food ways. I like nourishing food that we can make over and over again from simple ingredients. I like making things myself and believe that homemade anything is better than store-bought everything. I like to reduce waste in my kitchen and in my landfill.

So you might think that something like a powdered kefir culture wouldn’t make it into my kitchen on a regular basis, at least not when milk kefir grains are available. Right now I actually have both milk kefir grains and powdered milk kefir culture creating quarts and quarts of probiotic goodness. I’ll get to the reasons I’m a fan of this powdered kefir culture in a minute, but first let me tell you something else that I recently figured out.

I’m sure I’m the last person to have thought of this, but just in case I’m not, here’s how I am making way more milk kefir than I initially thought I could get out of a single packet of kefir starter.


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Weekly Recap – August 8th Edition

blog gathering

It’s time for the weekly recap.  Leave your favorite links or ideas in the comments below!

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Tips for Carbonating Fermented Beverages


I don’t know of a single person who doesn’t enjoy a bubbly, carbonated beverage. Our culture’s love affair with soda has certainly proven that, but these bubbly, flavorful drinks don’t have to be sugar-laden and bad for you. Carbonated fermented beverages are flat out delicious, refreshing, and the one ferment you can get just about… 

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Greek Frozen Yogurt

Chocolate Treat

This creamy concoction is sure to be a hit in the long, hot months of summer.