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Working With Gluten-Free Sourdough Again

IMG_8554-001 I go in and out of sourdough baking and within that little cycle is me cycling through various types of grains. We do wheat sourdough and rye sourdough and gluten-free sourdough, depending on what is needed in our home.

While it’s still hot here – and maybe where you are too – it’s getting close to fall which means cozy ovens popping out loaves of warm sourdough bread. Recently I started up the Brown Rice Sourdough Starter and within days it was bubbly and active and being stirred into various loaves and flat breads.

Having worked predominantly with wheat as of late, I’m always amazed at how different – and similar – sourdough baking can be, depending on the type of grain. Not to mention how learning of a few basic concepts has made all the difference.


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Culturing in a Small Town


Living near a city means I have the ability to pop in to any number of natural food stores. Within 20 minutes of my house I have Trader Joes, Whole Foods, 2 very large Asian markets, 2 large natural grocery stores and a handful of smaller natural food stores. I also have two farmer’s markets… 

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A Closer Look: Butter Muslin


“Works great for my wonderfully delicious ricotta cheese. Easy to clean! I think it will last a long time! It’s a keeper!” -PrettyMomma

Weekly Recap – April 11th Edition

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It’s time for the weekly recap.  Leave your favorite links or ideas in the comments below!

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