How We Like Our Fermented Vegetables


Fermented vegetables have a frequent place at our table. We eat them in a host of different ways – from a topping to whatever it happens to be that we’re eating to incorporated in a host of tasty dishes. Given the variety of flavors you can create with fermented vegetables, they can be one of the most versatile items in your kitchen.

But they need to taste good in order to work well as an ingredient or standalone food item. Over the years I’ve found that our family has a preference for certain aspects of fermented vegetables and when these are lacking, we’re not nearly as excited about them.

Here are a few of our prerequisites and how we achieve them.


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A Closer Look: Kombucha Tea Starter Kit

Kombucha Tea

“I bought this as a gift, and I couldn’t ask for a more quality product! It gave you the tools you needed (minus the sugar and jar, of course) to make your own kombucha exactly as stated. I would highly recommend this product.” -Marie Today we are going to take a closer look at the… 

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Weekly Recap – December 6th Edition

blog gathering

It’s time for the weekly recap.  Leave your favorite links or ideas in the comments below!

What’s New at CFH: Save 10% on All Books and New Rye Sourdough Recipe!


This week you can save 10% on all books carried by Cultures for Health.  We are also featuring an article on rye sourdough.

Orange-Ginger Carrot Kvass


Most of us make kvass out of a simple desire for a healthy tonic. While many agree that these aren’t always the most delicious of beverages, we drink them anyway. But sometimes adding a bit of delicious flavor can entice us, and picky family members, to consume more of the foods that nourish us. Such… 

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