Weekly Cultured Gathering: April 19

blog gathering

Can you say sourdough donuts without a grin crossing your face?  Last week the The Entwife’s Journal shared how she makes sourdough donuts!  Have you ever made some?  If so, how did they turn out?  Share your own fun fermentation stories this week too.


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What’s New at CFH: Easy Cheeses


Every week we’re going to bring you the best of the week in posts from right here at the CFH blog, news you can use from the CFH site, and new recipes and products you might be interested in. Let’s start with some awesome new content you can find at the CFH site including recipes,… 

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The Role of Cultured Foods in a Sustainable Food System: Health & Energy Savings


Previously in This Series: Introduction Food Preservation So many of the wonderful properties of cultured foods are interrelated. The lactic acid in them has been found by modern day science to have many benefits, but that is also what preserves the kraut, which saves you the energy output needed for canning or freezing the cabbage… 

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No-Bake Cultured Pumpkin Cheesecake


In case you need one more dessert recipe for Thanksgiving… in case you need a dessert that makes you feel good… in case you just need more sweet pumpkin and cultured food in your life, I present to you the raw and cultured pumpkin cheesecake. The crust is a typical graham cracker crust, which can… 

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Gluten-Free Sourdough Brownies: A Photo Tutorial


Note from Shannon: Please welcome Jerri, Cultures for Health Customer Support Rep and Cultured-Kitchen Keeper. I finally did it. Not only did I venture down the brown rice sourdough path, but I decided to make brownies too! Wouldn’t my kids love that? Absolutely! It took a bit of time to get the hang of feeding… 

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