Finding Real Sourdough: Am I a Purist?


We used to live in an area that had deep real food roots. The farmer’s market was huge and there were several in the area. Farmers came in from all around to sell their goods to grocers, restaurants, and home cooks. I took my baby and toddling sons – now 6 & 8 – to a farmer’s co-op every Friday to pick up fresh meat, milk, eggs, and any produce they had. I knew most of those farmers by name.

At those Friday co-op pickups we also used to be able to source sourdough bread from a local artisan baker. Rye or whole wheat, these were tangy and dense and nourishing loaves. He even taught a sourdough class I attended one evening when I first started baking with sourdough.

We now live in a more rural area, ironically, and I’ve found it very difficult to find real food. We’re producing more of our own, but those artisan producers and small farmers are sorely missed. I’ve looked everywhere in our area for real, true sourdough bread and I’ve yet to find it. Maybe I have too high of standards, but those loaves and bags claiming sourdough on the label just aren’t it.

Here’s what I’m looking for…


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Coconut Milk Yogurt


Today Bonni takes a look at making dairy-free yogurt.  Join her on another adventure brought to you by the world of a Cultures for Health Support Rep!  

A Closer Look: pH Indicator Strips


“Like the safety at being able to check the Ph in my cultured vegetables. I will always keep some available in my kitchen cabinets.” -Mother Judith “I like having these strips to test the acidity of the Kombucha. It’s simple, just takes a second.” -Ceiba Today we are going to take a closer look at… 

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Weekly Cultured Gathering: April 5

blog gathering

Last week Colleen said, “Lacto-fermented radishes and kombucha. I always have kombucha going because I love it so much. This is my first try with the radishes and they seem a little too salty but I’ll eat them anyway.”

What’s New at CFH: Save 10% on Yogurt Makers & 5 New Cheesemaking Articles


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