Fermentation Guidelines for Homebrewing Beer

Fermentation Guidelines for Homebrewing Beer

The following is a guest post by Jeffrey Michael on the topic of homebrewing.  Learn more about him at the end of the post!

As the old saying goes, “Men don’t make beer. Men make wort. Yeast make beer.” Wort (pronounced vurt) is the boiled and hopped pre-beer liquid that requires the most human effort (you can read more about this in the 10-Step Brewing Guide). This is as far as an individual can go in actively “making” a beer. The next step is allowing fermentation to take control. Though less “hands on” than the brewing process, the fermentation stage is equally important in determining the final flavor of the finished product. Following the guidelines below will ensure that you help your yeast “make” the best homebrew possible…. 

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Sustainably Preserving the Harvest: Dehydrating, Off-Grid


Whether living off-grid, growing your own, frequenting the farmer’s market, or hitting the supermarket; preserving the harvest is paramount to eating well and eating frugally. When we lived on-grid we had a small garden, made friends with plenty of great farmers, and picked peaches and various types of berries to fill our larder. Now we’re… 

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Probiotic-rich Yogurt Potato Salad

probiotic rich potato salad

Using yogurt instead of mayo, this recipe is a great one to make ahead for a delicious side or to serve with baked crackers and sliced fruit for a cool, easy lunch.

Is This Normal, Part 2

Water Kefir - Is this normal?

In our last episode of Is This Normal, we learned about bubbly/foamy water kefir, sinking and floating grains, the range in color of water kefir grains, sediment that can occur, that water kefir is sweet and that it won’t be carbonated without a second ferment. In this episode of Is This Normal? there is more… 

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A Closer Look: Organic Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil

Organic Hemp Oil is moisturizing and cleansing, a wonderful ingredient in homemade skin care products. It has a pleasing nutty aroma and flavor and is also enjoyed in many food recipes.