What’s Culturing in My Kitchen


I so enjoy taking a peek into the kitchens of others. Whether it’s the pantry, root cellar, or culturing counter; I’m always keen to see what’s happening. I find it connects people.

So, today I thought I’d do a little show and tell with what’s culturing in my kitchen.


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Kefir Scones


Scones had me on my first morning in Ireland. Rainy and cold, the strong tea and homemade scones at the Bed & Breakfast warmed us as we enjoyed the hospitality. And they were everywhere from that day forward. Every morning they graced the breakfast table at these Irish B&Bs. Every afternoon they could be ordered… 

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How to Make Banana Leaf Tempeh


Note from Shannon: Please welcome Sarah, Cultures for Health Customer Service Rep and Cultured-Kitchen Keeper. One of the questions we get here at Cultures for Health is how to make tempeh without plastic. Many people have worked hard to reduce the plastic in their homes, and then are faced with having to use plastic bags… 

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Exploring the Science of Sourdough


Note from Shannon: Please welcome Janet Creasy, Cultures for Health Content Writer and Cultured-Kitchen Keeper. One of the things your car needs to propel it forward is the element of fuel. In a similar manner, yeast is the driving force behind fermentation to make it rise.  Being the wide-eyed learner of science that I am,… 

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Weekly Cultured Gathering: October 26

Welcome to the Weekly Cultured Gathering! We’re here to share and celebrate our adventures in food fermentation. From recipes to tips & tricks to food preservation – cultured foods are as old as food itself. Maybe you eat cultured food because of the health benefits. Maybe you make it for the art and science involved…. 

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