A Closer Look: Filmjolk Yogurt Starter

Filmjolk Lead

“Of all the mesophilic (can make at room temp) yogurts, this is by far my favorite . Very versatile , great in smoothies, to cook with, as a salad dressing base and makes great yogurt cheese. The subtle cheese-like flavor really gives the flavor more character without being overwhelming or undesirable . So easy to make and maintain too!” -Jason

Today we are going to take a closer look at the Cultures for Health Filmjolk Yogurt Starter.


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A Closer Look: Citric Acid


Today we are going to take a closer look at the Cultures for Health Citric Acid product.  Citric Acid can be used to make Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese.  Now you might be thinking, isn’t all Citric Acid the same?  There are some things worth noting about the Cultures for Health Citric Acid product that you may… 

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Weekly Cultured Gathering: February 8

blog gathering

  Highlights From Last Week Purposeful Nutrition shared How to Make a Gluten-free Quinoa Sourdough Starter. Alejandro said, “I am married to a beautiful wife, father of 1 son, 2 daughters and a baby in mommies tummy. I work construction. We have been consuming dairy kefir for close to a year. I just started brewing… 

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What’s New at CFH: Save 15% on Cheesemaking Supplies & Culturing Fruits and Vegetables Without Dairy


Every week we’re going to bring you the best of the week in posts from right here at the CFH blog, news you can use from the CFH site, and new recipes and products you might be interested in. This week you can save 15% on Cheesemaking Supplies!  There are also some exciting new articles… 

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The Culture-Converted Husband: Action & Adventure


As Shannon mentioned last week in her introductory post, my name is Stewart.  No introduction into a man’s perspective on fermentation would be complete without an action and adventure story.