Starting Water Kefir In Our New Kitchen: Ferment Seasonality


Do you change your ferments to match the seasons? I do, but I didn’t really think about it too much until we moved off-grid and began to experience a closeness to the elements we never had before.

I bake sourdough much more in the fall and winter. Milk kefir is generally a three season thing as summers here just don’t make for good milk kefir. Vegetable ferments are all year except the three hottest months of summer. Kombucha can happen all year, if I’m on the ball about taking care of it in more extreme periods. And then there’s that beloved water kefir, especially refreshing on triple digit days.

So, with summer approaching and the construction on our off-grid kitchen nearing completion, I’m starting up the water kefir again.


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What’s New at CFH: Save 10% on All Books and New Rye Sourdough Recipe!


This week you can save 10% on all books carried by Cultures for Health.  We are also featuring an article on rye sourdough.

Orange-Ginger Carrot Kvass


Most of us make kvass out of a simple desire for a healthy tonic. While many agree that these aren’t always the most delicious of beverages, we drink them anyway. But sometimes adding a bit of delicious flavor can entice us, and picky family members, to consume more of the foods that nourish us. Such… 

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Getting Started With Cheesemaking


Making cheese at home can be somewhat overwhelming at first. There are so many different types, styles, and variations of cheese to choose from, it’s tough to decide where to begin. For new cheesemakers, it helps to pick cheeses that are forgiving when it comes to temperature variation and time discrepancies. Your first cheese might… 

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Gluten-free, Dairy-free Cranberry-Orange Sourdough Scones


Fall baking is in full swing and for many that means sourdough loaves and treats such as this. For those with food sensitivities, these recipes are few and far between. But you can have your soured grains and eat them too with this treat for a chilly fall morning. This recipe can be adapted in… 

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