Moving Into the Summer Season of Fermentation


It’s starting to warm up here in Central Texas; so many changes happen at this time of year. We are hoping to soon plant beans, squash, melons, and sunflowers along with other heat-loving crops. The wood stove isn’t being used and now holds jars full of wildflowers picked by my blue bonnet-loving five year old.

Things in the kitchen are changing as well. The door of our cabin, which leads directly to the small kitchen, is usually swung wide open for much of the day. I’m trying to use the oven less and less, while making stove-top meals, solar oven meals, or cold meals more often. And, of course, the ferments I work with change as well.

I tend to pick up a few different ferments in the summer than I do in the winter. Likewise, I drop a couple of ferments for one reason or another – usually having to do with the heat. This shift has quite a few reasons, and benefits and today I thought I’d share them with you.


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Weekly Cultured Gathering: October 19

Welcome to the Weekly Cultured Gathering! We’re here to share and celebrate our adventures in food fermentation. From recipes to tips & tricks to food preservation – cultured foods are as old as food itself. Maybe you eat cultured food because of the health benefits. Maybe you make it for the art and science involved…. 

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weekly cultured roundup: October 18


Every week we’re going to bring you the best of the week in posts from right here at the CFH blog, news you can use from the CFH site, and new recipes and products you might be interested in. Let’s start with some awesome new content you can find at the CFH site including recipes,… 

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Add Culture to Every Meal: Versatile Yogurt-Garlic Sauce


I’ve often shuddered when I hear someone say that we should eat cultured foods at every meal. I actually agree with them, but the way they say it sounds so daunting, at least in my head. It feels like just one more thing to add to my list. In reality, it’s as simple as I… 

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Pumpkin Spice Cultured Foods for Fall (Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Kombucha)


It’s that time of year again, the time when we all try to cram pumpkin into everything coming from our kitchen. From soup to lattes to dessert, it’s just about everywhere. If you’re into cultured foods, there are a host of ways to incorporate pumpkin into your deliciously cultured foods. Here are just a few… 

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