Gluten-Free, Egg-Free Sourdough Pancakes

silver dollar pancakes

From the Editor: Please welcome Jerri, CFH Customer Support Representative and Cultured Kitchen Keeper.

Being gluten free is hard enough, so what does one do when an egg allergy pops up on top of that? The usual answer is to buckle down and research. However, this time, I didn’t have to go far…by luck, Culture for Health’s Egg-Free Sourdough Pancakes recipe was recently published, and just what I was looking for! I was dancing for joy with this recipe, and so were my kids!

This recipe gives you the option to use a gluten free sourdough starter, since originally it is not gluten free. The added ingredient of ground chia or flax seeds enables this recipe to be egg free. Another bonus to this recipe is that you get fluffy pancake goodness – not the flat or crumbly results you get when using just a plain gluten free flour mixture…sourdough being the key! Our leftover brown rice sourdough starter worked perfectly.

And you won’t believe how easy they are to make.


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(thick!) Raw Milk Yogurt


Note from Shannon: Please welcome Erin Gaines, CFH Customer Service Representative and Cultured Kitchen-Keeper. Raw milk yogurt can be a tricky feat! Because it is not heated to 160+, the proteins in the milk are not denatured and cannot coalesce into a thicker yogurt. The milk will usually turn to yogurt, but it won’t be… 

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Adventures in Soy

photo 3

Note from Shannon: Please welcome Janet Creasy, CFH Content Contributor and Cultured Kitchen-Keeper. Health claims about soy abound. Being mostly a vegetarian, I do believe there are many health benefits of soy but I am leery of the myriad products that contain processed soy. Therefore, ingesting the whole food always makes the most sense to… 

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Weekly Cultured Food Gathering: September 21

Welcome to the Weekly Cultured Gathering! We’re here to share and celebrate our adventures in food fermentation. From recipes to tips & tricks to food preservation – cultured foods are as old as food itself. Maybe you eat cultured food because of the health benefits. Maybe you make it for the art and science involved…. 

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weekly cultured food roundup: September 20

Every week we’re going to bring you the best of the week in posts from right here at the CFH blog, news you can use from the CFH site, and new recipes and products you might be interested in. Let’s start with some awesome new content you can find at the CFH site including recipes,… 

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