Fermentation Guidelines for Homebrewing Beer

Fermentation Guidelines for Homebrewing Beer

The following is a guest post by Jeffrey Michael on the topic of homebrewing.  Learn more about him at the end of the post!

As the old saying goes, “Men don’t make beer. Men make wort. Yeast make beer.” Wort (pronounced vurt) is the boiled and hopped pre-beer liquid that requires the most human effort (you can read more about this in the 10-Step Brewing Guide). This is as far as an individual can go in actively “making” a beer. The next step is allowing fermentation to take control. Though less “hands on” than the brewing process, the fermentation stage is equally important in determining the final flavor of the finished product. Following the guidelines below will ensure that you help your yeast “make” the best homebrew possible…. 

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Kombucha Ketchup


Our family loves this fermented ketchup. When whey is not readily available to use as a culture starter and we’re brewing kombucha, I like to throw together this super simple recipe. It is tangy, lightly spiced, and rich in tomato flavor. I like to use raw honey as the sweetener more often than not and… 

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Lacto-fermented Summer Squash Spears

Sliced summer squash

Who says pickles have to be made from cucumbers? These yellow spears are just as refreshing and snappy.

Sarah’s Grilled Gluten-Free/Vegan Sourdough Pizza

Making a Gluten-Free Pizza

I realize it’s May, and I am just now digging up some notes for a blog post cultured up in September of 2014. I finally found the time in the fall to try out Sarah’s summer pizza recipe, as it sounded so good that I had to do it when I had the chance. Now… 

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A Closer Look: Fermented Vegetable Master (and Save 30%!)

Fermented Vegetables

“Good alternative to a traditional fermenting crock. Great size for those with small households.” -Holly This week you can get the Fermented Vegetable Master for 30% Off!  Use coupon code FVM at checkout (expires 5/9/15).  So… today seemed like a good opportunity to take a closer look at the Fermented Vegetable Master.