Fermenting the Garden (and tips for fermenting in the heat)


For many of us, this is the time of year to lock summer’s bounty away for those long winters.Whether you’re taking advantage of a sale at your local grocery store, picking up a haul from the farmer’s market, or bringing in an apron full of produce from the garden – these fresh, delicious vegetables won’t wait.

Such is the case for our garden. This time of year is actually not terribly conducive to fermentation here in Central Texas. With triple digit days expected for much of the next month or so, I usually ferment more for short-term food preservation than a six-month stay in cold storage.

Still, there are a few tricks up my sleeve for hot weather fermentation which I plan to implement with those veggies coming from our garden.


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What’s New at CFH: Honey Rosemary Shampoo

honey as an ingredient

There are really so many healthy DIY Body Care ideas that it can be hard to know where to start. How about a healthy shampoo? Honey may seem an odd ingredient to use in a shampoo, but combined with the right ingredients, it can add body and health to your hair. Rosemary cleans and disinfects,… 

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Sprouting Sunflower Seeds


I love seeds of all kinds sprinkled here and there in our meals – chia in oatmeal, pumpkin for snacking, and sunflower seeds in well, just about anything. Sunflower seeds are so diverse, tasty, and nutritious but, like all seeds, in their raw form they can be a little tough on the digestion. So, like… 

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100% Rye Sourdough Pseudo English Muffins

Rye Sourdough

The original English muffin is made with wheat, but it does not require additional leavening in the form of the baking soda mentioned in this recipe. This recipe uses rye sourdough starter, which is why these are called “pseudo” English muffins. The final texture of these is just a bit different from the usual English muffin,… 

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Cultured Vegetable Care and Maintenance

cultured vegetable care

Sometimes people regard lacto-fermentation as a very scientifically precise process. Beginners often get stuck on certain details and become frustrated when their batch doesn’t work out just like the steps and pictures. People frequently will ask, “How long will this batch of sauerkraut take to culture at x temperature?” assuming we have a secret mathematical… 

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