Deodorant Making Part 1: Testing Two Kinds

Clay vs. Baking Soda Deodorant

We have two different deodorant recipes on our website:

My husband and I have always used the baking soda recipe and it works amazingly well (better than my store bought Dove antiperspirant actually!).

Deodorant Supplies

The only catch is that to keep it solid here in Hawaii (I like to keep it solid so that I can use the deodorant container for easy application), I always had to keep it in the refrigerator, which needless to say was slightly inconvenient. Today I decided to try a new method, and added 1 Tbs. of beeswax granules to the recipe to see if I could keep it solid and out of the fridge. If you would like to try it, melt the coconut oil with the beeswax before adding the other ingredients…. 

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Getting Started With Viili Yogurt: Making a Starter from Raw Milk


The very first cultured food I ever made was yogurt and I would guess a lot of us start there. It is familiar and comforting and versatile and delicious. Plus, it’s a fairly simple ferment to make. I had been making it by heating milk and waiting for it to cool before placing it in… 

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What’s New at CFH: Back to School Sale & Natural Oil Facial Cleanse

DIY Natural Oil Facial Cleanse

This week’s sale is 20% off everything. Use coupon code SCHOOL at checkout… extended until 9/14/15!  Also, check out our new Natural Oil Facial Cleanse article and recipes.

Sourdough Starter Pancakes

plate of pancakes

Some mornings it’s just hard to think about anything. Breakfast seems inconceivable when you open your fridge to see bare shelves. However, I do always have my sourdough starter. *whew*! Pancakes! But wait, I hadn’t fed my starter in a week… could pancakes still be made? On this particular morning, I decided to find out.

Crumbled Buttermilk Cheese

Crumbly Cheese

This cheese, because it is heated, is fairly dry in texture and can be tossed into a salad or sprinkled over casseroles with delicious ease.