Alcohol-Free Herbal Mouthwash

herbal mouthwash

Using vinegar rather than alcohol to provide refreshing zing and preserving quality, this recipe is great for the whole family. With peppermint zing and the anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil, this mouthwash is sure to leave your mouth clean and fresh…. 

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Home Dairying: The Everyday Basics


Needing to use up an abundance of milk is a problem I never saw coming. Fermenting pickles makes a lot of sense when you’re staring down bushels of fresh vegetables and I’ve been there. But milk? I actually think this is a common “problem” to have on a homestead. Dairying – the process of making… 

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Sage Cream Cheese with Yogurt


Sage, an often undervalued herb, is native to the Mediterranean region. In ancient Rome, it was known to have healing properties, and was included as a part of the official Roman pharmacopeia. This recipe makes a pleasantly flavored cheese that is delightful spread on baguette slices. It can also be used as a base for… 

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Bubble Bath!

Bubble Bath

My kids love bubble baths! Do yours? Today my son and I decided to try this lovely bubble bath recipe: Warming Bubble Bath

A Closer Look: Beer Making Ingredients

beer making ingredients

With so many new homebrewing supplies, and many in the beer making category, it is hard to highlight just one.  So instead we will take a broad look at the new list of beer making ingredients offered by Cultures for Health.  These varieties of Mangrove Jack’s Dried Yeast strains offer you some great options.