How to Get More Kefir from Powdered Kefir Starter

It probably goes without saying that I am interested in sustainable food ways. I like nourishing food that we can make over and over again from simple ingredients. I like making things myself and believe that homemade anything is better than store-bought everything. I like to reduce waste in my kitchen and in my landfill.

So you might think that something like a powdered kefir culture wouldn’t make it into my kitchen on a regular basis, at least not when milk kefir grains are available. Right now I actually have both milk kefir grains and powdered milk kefir culture creating quarts and quarts of probiotic goodness. I’ll get to the reasons I’m a fan of this powdered kefir culture in a minute, but first let me tell you something else that I recently figured out.

I’m sure I’m the last person to have thought of this, but just in case I’m not, here’s how I am making way more milk kefir than I initially thought I could get out of a single packet of kefir starter.


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Customer Testimonials


Often people who use and share products with others are the best form of advertising.  The things you say are genuine and often accompanied by amazing health journeys.  You use and enjoy the products and are excited about the health benefits.  Many of you have had a great experience with customer support.  And the resources… 

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Easy, Lovely, Affordable: Homemade Foaming Hand Soap


In our super busy, hyper-consumerist culture it is often hard to discern what we should spend a little more time and money on. And sometimes it’s hard to imagine that something can be inexpensive, good for people and environment, and easy to make. But not all DIY projects have to be super time or cash-consuming…. 

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Sour Cream Mayonnaise Substitute

homemade mayonnaise

Tired of the same old mayo? Liven things up with this sour cream-based spread, for a rich, thick mayonnaise that adds flavor to any sandwich.

My First DIY Pear Cider

pear cider

Our new homebrewing section of wine, beer, and cider can be a bit overwhelming to a newbie! I am not familiar with brewing these, so I was hesitant at first to try them. I chose the pear cider pouch, and with a few basic homebrewing pieces of equipment I successfully made cider. It’s not a… 

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