Rediscovering Milk Kefir


Recently, I began branching out with my cultured products, and I was pleasantly surprised to find how versatile water kefir could be. And I promised to try milk kefir grains again.

From the Editor: Please welcome Suzanne, Cultures for Health Customer Support Rep and Cultured-Kitchen Keeper.

Well, I kept my promise, rehydrating a packet of our milk kefir grains a couple of months ago. We began making smoothies regularly, which was fun for my kiddo. He gets to choose which frozen berry to add, and any opportunity to use a straw is a treat. But after a few weeks, we were back into that rut. So I consulted the CFH milk kefir recipe list.

What I discovered are some delicious recipes, which I am thrilled to add to my routine, giving our snacks and meals a little extra flavor, and working probiotics into our daily meals even more than before.

The Blue Cheese and Walnut Kefir Dip is permanently added to our snack list, along with a plate of snap peas, carrot sticks, and cucumber slices. Yum!

Strawberry Sour Cream Ice Cream, is an amazing dessert, made with the first strawberries of the season from our local farmer’s market. The kefired sour cream lends a smooth texture and just the right hint of tartness to make it different from just any strawberry ice cream.

Using the kefir sour cream again in Deviled Eggs has been another impressive discovery. We were delighted with the tart fermented flavor it gave an otherwise run-of-the-mill snack.

Breaking out of our routine was challenging at first, but well worth it for all the delicious discoveries we made, and all the new additions to our list of tasty treats and cultured snacks.

Give it a try!



Suzanne is into gardening, real food, and treading lightly. Her favorite cultured foods include Matsoni yogurt, which tastes just like the yogurt her Armenian grandmother used to make; sauerkraut, which she used to dip out of a barrel each week at her favorite little shop in Germany; and dill pickles, which she used to eat straight from the big jar on the counter of her Grandpa’s general store.

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  1. Amy T says

    Hi Suzanne,
    I’m sitting here reading very one of your posts and feeling quite inspired to try some new things.
    Thank you for all the information you share.

    I just wanted to let you know that the link for the CFH Milk Kefir Recipe List is broken. I looked around on the site but couldn’t find anything like that. Thanks if you can fix it, I’d love to see those recipes.

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