Season’s Eatings!


From the Editor: Please welcome Janet, Cultures for Health Content Contributor and Cultured Kitchen Keeper.

This season is about giving, happiness and love. What is not to like? The air is crisp outside, there might even be snow on the ground; the trees have lost their leaves and are preparing for a winter snooze, saving their energy for spring buds. We should be doing the same. It is a time to regenerate, cuddle up with our loved ones donned with cozy sweaters and scarves, sit by the fire and eat wholesome, comfort foods.

Cultures for Health is a company I am honored to say I am affiliated with. Among many items of this appreciation, one is that we focus on the PERSON and the effort to treat each as truly human, accepting the place where you are in your food journey. In addition, we don’t just get warm and fuzzy at holiday time but keep the focus on solving the cultured food problems you may have year round.


I encourage checking out our site and taking a look around. Maybe even sign up for our newsletter that offers lots of ideas, inspiration and recipes. In addition, the bonus of the newsletter gives you access to our FREE ebooks. Let me tell you, these are beyond awesome!

Maybe we can assist you in your holiday food planning: are looking to share your probiotics with your friends and family in the food you are preparing? This article has myriad ideas in that department.  Or what about menu planning? Our SITE is organized such that within each category, for example yogurt, the articles and recipes are divided for ease of searching.


Maybe you are looking for a simple appetizer to take to a party or a salad dressing to don your fresh greens. Sweets are a hot item this season and there are plenty of options in that department, check them out here to incorporate your kefir into delicious bites of heaven.

Beyond all else, enjoy this time the holidays bring us all. Create balance, harmony, and healthy, yummy food to fuel your body machine.  And wherever you are in your foodie journey, I wish you health and good cheer.  Salud!

Janet Creasy

Janet Creasy

Janet is primarily a proud mama of two tween girls and is married to a stellar man wired for engineering. She spends a great deal of time in the kitchen and garden. She enjoys the full life cycle of real food as primal fuel for our body; which she feels is critical to how we approach the world around us. She finds immense joy in seeing how many food culture ‘science’ projects she can keep going at one time! Her favorites are kombucha, yogurt and tempeh and she is delving currently into rice flour sourdough and water kefir.

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