Yum…Banquet at the Conference!

One of the highlights of the WAPF conference each year is the Farm-to-Table Legal Defense Fund banquet. It’s a great chance to meet other exhibitors, speakers, and visitors and share experiences. I enjoyed introducing myself as being with Cultures for Health, and finding that almost everyone I spoke to either sells or uses our products, or knows someone who does!


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Rosalyn has homeschooled both of her children, now grown, and continues to teach classes to homeschool groups and do homeschool consulting. She is also a nutritional coach, and enjoys helping people learn about healthy foods and how to prepare them. She is an avid cook and likes to experiment with new ways of putting together whole foods and cultured products. Kombucha is a favorite, in many flavors. Summer finds her kitchen full of fermenting vegetables, and year-round she makes yogurt, milk and water kefir, buttermilk, and sour cream.

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