The Culture-Converted Husband: What Won Me Over – Part 2


Last week I took a look at three big things that can help a man overcome opposition to something new like cultured foods.  Today we will continue to examine a couple more and conclude with a special encouragement for men.

Last Week’s Summary

1. Cultured foods can save money

2. Cultured foods can play a role in overall health

3. Cultured foods are satisfying

We also looked at the “Man’s Rule of Food Attraction”.

The rule is generally summed up in that a man will inevitably be drawn to consume anything nearby, especially whenever his wife makes or has it.  And, the closer the proximity, the higher the gravitational pull.

So let’s continue on…

4. You Can Have Any Level of Involvement You Want

Previously there was the “Man’s Rule of Food Attraction.”  Now we are going to explore the “Man’s Rule of Non-intervention”.

The Man’s Rule of Non-intervention: This rule states that if a man can be uninvolved in some process, and perhaps not even know of its existence, the happier he will be… until he becomes interested because he thinks it is his idea.

I’m perfectly content to know nothing about cultured foods and yet consume them.  At the same time, I’ve found that the less I have to know about them the more interested I become in them.  After Shannon informed me of the cost savings of making our own Kombucha several years ago I decided this sounded like a project I could get behind.  So I took over a section of our toddler’s room by the heater with an array of Kombucha brewing containers.  This tapered off, but it was fun to mass produce my favorite beverage for awhile.

Another more recent example is lacto-fermented carrots.  With Shannon due to have a baby the amount of fermented foods we were eating went down.  I was craving something with enzymes so I asked how to make them and made my own batch.  [Gasp!] Yes, it was so simple even I could do it.

5. It Is a Simple Gift You Can Pass On to Your Children

Lastly, I think every father wants to leave things behind for his children.  He wants them to be healthier than he was and provide whatever good things he can for them.  Giving your children cultured foods while they are growing up is an inexpensive and easy way to contribute to their overall health.  You can also give their taste buds exposure to all kinds of exciting tastes and flavors, and hopefully make their transition to cultured foods a non-issue going into adulthood.

Some Encouragement Specifically for the Men

So if you are a man and you have “one of those women” who is into cultured foods, here is some special encouragement:   It gets better.  Shannon’s first experiments were at times almost inedible, but as time went on and she learned tips and tricks she started producing some excellent fermented and cultured foods.  So hang in there and find something you can like about them.  If all you can do is cling to the “Best Grape Fizzy Pop-Like Drink Known to Mankind” (grape Kombucha) then do that.  Your pocketbook, your health, and maybe even your children will thank you someday.  And you may want to thank your wife for being “one of those women” who cares enough about you and your family to give it all a shot.

So… thanks Shannon!

Now it is your turn, who was it that introduced you to cultured foods?



Stewart is Shannon's slightly fermented husband. He also formats the Cultures for Health e-books and is working on building a homestead so that his family can grow, eat, and culture more food.

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