The Thickest Kombucha Scoby… Ever?

Thick Kombucha Scoby

Join Bonni as she shares an adventure with a particularly interesting Kombucha scoby.

From the Editor: Please welcome Bonni, CFH Customer Support Manager and Cultured Kitchen Keeper.

Who knew a baby scoby could get this thick? We all have crazy lives and sometimes things get forgotten. Fortunately, kombucha is one of those cultures that can go for a while without worry. Well, you will end up with a very vinegary flavor, but as long as you can deal with that…

I left mine for so long, over a month, it got super thick!

Well, I suppose there is one other issue. My scoby got so thick, it was a struggle to get it out of the vessel. In fact, it took two hands and a lot of effort to force it out.


Editor’s Note: I’m pretty sure OSHA regulations require that Bonni wear a hard hat and bright orange vest when handling such a large Scoby… but we won’t tell if you don’t.

It did finally give way.

That’s a bit big to put back for culturing, don’t you think? 😉

Here’s what I did…

torn Kombucha pieces

I then added that torn piece back to my brew. See? You don’t need a pretty scoby for brewing, just a chunk will do!



Bonni started on the cultured foods path quite few years ago, beginning with sauerkraut. Since then, she has cultured yogurt, milk kefir, water kefir, kombucha, a variety of veggies, sour cream and gluten-free sourdough. She is a busy homeschool mom to her daughter, so is always looking for the most efficient and least time consuming ways to manage all of her culturing.

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    • Kimberly says

      You can mail part of one to me!! I will give you my address and send a check for shipping if you’d be willing to consider it…
      Let me know!

      Kimberly (Northern California)

  1. Mary Kleist says

    I have a picture of an even bigger SCOBY I want to show you…is there some place I can email a pic? Or somehow I can post it somewhere? I am a real person, not a SPAM-er!

  2. Gabrielle Thon says

    Hi Bonnie, I see in your bio you make gluten free sour dough. I have been making regular sour dough bread for over a year but would love to make GF for family and friends. Whee can I get a starter and recipes?

  3. Amy says

    I would live to hear more about gluten free sourdough, please. My daughter has candida issues, so we have been making sourdough bread for several years. But I suspect I may have bloating when I eat gluten. Would live to be able to bake for us both!

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