Vegan Cashew Chevre

Jerri Tries Artisan Vegan Cheese

Join Jerri as she tries making Vegan Cashew Chevre for the first time!

From the Editor: Please welcome Jerri, CFH Customer Support Representative and Cultured Kitchen Keeper.

I miss cheese. I’ll admit I stray, devouring an organic slice of cheese, only to “pay” for it later. Oh, food allergies!

However, instead of doing completely without, I read cover-to-cover Miyoko Schinner’s recipe book, Artisan Vegan Cheese in order to make something I would hoped resembled cheese. Not quite ready for the hard cheeses in her book, I chose a soft cheese to experiment with. It would take three recipes to get to the final product of Cashew Chèvre, and I was leery!

1- book

The first recipe is the basis for most cheeses…creating Rejuvelac. I settled on quinoa as my grain of choice to ferment. Most grains can take a few days to sprout, but after soaking the quinoa just overnight, the grains had sprouted by morning! Already, I was ahead of the game. To finish the process, the liquid had to be fermented a maximum of 2 days.

2 - blending in Nutribullet

3- switched to blender

The second recipe was for Basic Cashew Cheese. It was easy enough to soak and blend cashews with the Rejuvelac and salt, then process in a blender, and finally culture 36 hours. I slept as it sat in the fridge overnight, anxious to taste it in the morning.

I must say, blech. But, it was VERY sour and fermented! Time for the next recipe.

4 - time to culture

5 - finished

The third recipe to make the actual chèvre required adding a bit more salt and nutritional yeast to my cashew cheese. Hmmm, not bad! After resting it in the fridge, the kids were allowed to try it. Not a winner I’m afraid!

Since I am not one to waste, back into the fridge the cashew chèvre went until I could decide what to do. About 10 days later, I decided to slather some on bell peppers. I was completely surprised by the fantastic fermentation! It was comparable to the flavor of cream cheese, complete with tang. I begged the kids to try again. They did, and we have now since eaten it on bell peppers, soups, and anything else I can figure out cheese should partner with.

Next time, I will try the Vegan Cashew Cream Cheese that uses a non-dairy yogurt!



Jerri is a wife and mama. Her culturing adventures began several years ago with other moms who were seeking a healthy way of feeding our families. Together they dabbled in milk kefir, yogurt, sourdough, kombucha and sauerkraut. In the past year she's expanded from sauerkraut to other vegetables, and has grown a passion for water kefir!

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