What’s New at CFH for January 8, 2011

It’s been an exciting and eventful week here at CFH.  The new year rush is in full swing as people begin looking for ways to support their New Year’s Resolutions including Eating Real Food (and could there be a better resolution?).

We added some new cheese making products this week including two new starter kits (Blue Cheese and Camembert), a new lower-priced but still wonderful cheese press, some new cheese cultures, cheese wax and cheese shaping molds.

This week Eric and I have been working on three sourdough how-to videos including:

*Activating your sourdough starter
*Feeding and caring for your sourdough starter
*Making a basic loaf of sourdough bread (with lots of techniques that can be applied to any sourdough bread recipe)

With any luck the videos should be available early next week.

We’re also getting ready to launch an affiliate program in the next few days and our inaugural newsletter within the next week or so.  If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter mailing list yet, you can do so here and get a great Kefir Recipe eBook.  Never fear, we never sell or otherwise share your info and our newsletter is primarily educational with tips, tricks, recipes and some CFH news and the occasional coupon code.  We’re confident you’ll like it (and if you don’t, you can unsubscribe at any time).

Stay tuned–more fun things are coming soon!

Julie Feickert

Julie Feickert

Julie Feickert started Cultures for Health in late 2008. She is the mother to three young children and enjoys cooking and reading. Her favorite cultured foods include water kefir and kombucha. Julie lives with her family in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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