Bone Broth Tallow Soap

In this house we make a lot of beef bone broth. The byproduct is beef bones and all the other left-overs from making broth as well as the tallow that rises to the top of the broth and solidifies in the fridge.

In trying to have as little waste as possible, we use the bones and left-overs as food for our Black Soldier Fly maggot farm. What do we do with all the tallow? Freeze it. We have frozen tallow for years and when we build up a huge enough supply (or run out of soap), we render it all together and make a big batch of soap. … 

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A Closer Look: New England Sourdough Starter


This is an easy sourdough to activate and work with. Someone else has used the word “robust” and that seems a perfect description. It might be a mild flavor but it still does have a sourdough flavor that is very popular at our house. I thoroughly enjoy making bread with this starter. -Bonnie

Weekly Recap – November 21st Edition

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It’s time for the weekly recap.  Leave your favorite links or ideas in the comments below!

Calendula and Olive Leaf Healing Salve

Calendula and Olive Leaf Healing Salve

This all-purpose salve can be used for any and all minor injuries to replace commercial anti-bacterial creams.

Raw Goat Milk Yogurt (you eat with a spoon)


I really didn’t mean to write yet another post about cultured dairy today. It’s not like it’s the only DIY project I’ve got going on right now with melt and pour soap, fermented vegetables, beet kvass, goat cheese, kefir of all kinds, and sourdough all hanging out in my kitchen. But, raw milk yogurt is… 

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