Testing Out Sprouting Seed Viability

One thing that we have to pay attention to here on our homestead is seed viability. After a few years of holding onto those seed packets, the germination rate in our garden begins to plummet. And so we generally only keep seed around for a year or two at the most, depending on our ability to keep it cool and dry.

Sprouting seeds are no different. After exposure to certain elements and when enough time has passed since the original seed harvest, these seeds begin to lose their livelihood, eventually refusing to sprout under any conditions.

And so when I recently came across a mix of sprouting seeds that we’ve had for literally 4-5 years, I figured things could be a bit hit or miss when it came to their ability to sprout. I also knew that I had a good use for them, even if it wasn’t in our salad.

Here’s what happened…


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Twenty Ways to Include Fermented Foods in Every Meal

healthy breakfast

Fermented and cultured foods are a wonderful source of probiotic bacteria needed to support good health. If you’ve been thinking about adding more of these foods to your diet, but are unsure of exactly how to accomplish this, these twenty suggestions for including fermented and cultured foods into your meals and snacks may help you… 

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Bone Broth Tallow Soap

tallow soap making supplies

In this house we make a lot of beef bone broth. The byproduct is beef bones and all the other left-overs from making broth as well as the tallow that rises to the top of the broth and solidifies in the fridge. In trying to have as little waste as possible, we use the bones… 

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A Closer Look: New England Sourdough Starter


This is an easy sourdough to activate and work with. Someone else has used the word “robust” and that seems a perfect description. It might be a mild flavor but it still does have a sourdough flavor that is very popular at our house. I thoroughly enjoy making bread with this starter. -Bonnie

Weekly Recap – November 21st Edition

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It’s time for the weekly recap.  Leave your favorite links or ideas in the comments below!